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Lemon Township is one of thirteen townships in Butler County.  Located in the northeastern part of the county, it now includes most of the city of Monroe.  Based on the 2020 census, the population is 16,885.+  Lemon Township was created on May 10, 1803 by the Butler County Court of Quarter Sessions. Originally, it encompassed 36 square miles and included all of what is now Madison Township as well as portions of what is Middletown and most of the Butler County part of Monroe (the rest of Monroe is in Liberty Township to the south). Madison Township was divided from Lemon Township on May 7, 1810 and Middletown incorporated in 1833 and became a city in 1886.  Thus, over time, Lemon Township was whittled down to its current size of 14.8 square miles.+

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Many of Butler County’s townships were named in honor of influential figures in the American Revolutionary War who later played some sort of role in Ohio’s development, though their specific connections to their namesakes vary.  Kathy Creighton, the executive director of the Butler County Historical Society, presented these backstories during a meeting in March of this year, highlighting how St. Clair, Wayne and Morgan townships were all named in honor of Revolutionary War veterans who played a particular part in western Ohio’s development in the late 1700s and early 1800s.

Still, one township name origin continues to stump the Butler County Historical Society: “We haven’t got a clue how Lemon Township got its name,” Creighton joked.  Do you know how Lemon Township's name came to be?+  Select "Contact Us" from the menu above and share your knowledge!

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